Hi Jeremy, Rob and Dave,

We have put together this portal as a tool to keep you up to date with what is happening at NZM. We will keep updating this from time to time with news and content.

We have a short snapshot from our Production Science Manager, Dr. Mark Ferguson, about the production science research he has on the go to increase productivity, quality and farm efficiency. I also have a quick update for you on the shearing animal welfare issue and the assessment programme we have set up.

We have also put together some new technical support material that you may find interesting. These are starting points, and the team here is working with Sue and Lou and the rest of the Icebreaker team to make sure that they are both substantiating the Icebreaker story, and providing the necessary soundbites and hooks.

Hope all is well and look forward to catching up soon.

Dave and the NZ Merino team.

Dave Maslen with updates on upcoming wool shed audits, reviewing the on-farm accreditation system, market visits and 600 bespoke fibre kits.

Dr Mark Ferguson with the latest developments from the Production Science team; shearing at the Central Progeny Test site and meetings with Australian growers on genetics, supply and animal welfare.

This technical poster explains why Icebreaker Merino outperforms other fibres with its ability to resist the build-up of unpleasant odours.

Softness is a key attribute of apparel comfort. This technical poster explains why once you try Icebreaker Merino, you’ll never settle for anything less.

We have recently appointed a new chairperson to our Board of Directors, Ruth Richardson. As you know, Ruth has massive experience in corporate governance, and with her history and connections she makes a huge contribution to our team.

We have also appointed Kelly McClean to support our sustainability and innovation team. Kelly has a strong textile and design background.

We have recently completed a summary technical poster to explain the benefits of Icebreaker Merino during exercise.


The focus of the past month has been developing material to help Icebreaker communicate the the Animal Welfare aspects of the wool you use. These have been put together using a "build and think" approach, so please treat them as prototypes from which we can customise Icebreaker specific messaging and material.

While the chlorine Hercosett shrink-resist process is facing some environmental challenges, to date it remains the most commercial, widely-used and technically effective shrink-resist treatment for wool.