Our community of grower suppliers are the essential first step in the process that delivers beautiful, soft, high-performance ZQ Merino garments to people the world over. Our growers are a diverse bunch, but all share a common passion and dedication to producing the best Merino fibre available. 

The sustainability of farming is closely linked with the social and economic welfare of farmers, farm
workers, and their local communities. The ZQ Merino programme encourages attributes of robustness, independence and careful stewardship of the land, as well as the health and safety of those living and working on it. 

ZQ Merino accreditation provides an assurance that partners act responsibly and with consideration of the whole supply chain. There are a number of initiatives associated with the ZQ Merino programme that promote fair trade principles, including:

  • Facilitating long-term supply contracts at sustainable prices that remove market volatility and support both supplier and buyer;
  • Facilitating market-driven information flows that contribute to well informed and responsive grower communities;
  • Establishing relationships between Merino growers and representatives of the companies that process and use ZQ Merino fibre;
  • Marketing and promotion of the unique attributes and benefits of New Zealand Merino fibre; and,
  • Initiating innovation, research and development to find new uses and products for ZQ Merino fibre, ensuring continued demand.