In a world where customisation is becoming common place, modular furniture provides the flexibility to suit not only your living space but your lifestyle too.

Let us introduce you to textile brand Gan, and these beautiful modular pieces by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola.

Born in Oviedo, Spain, Urquiola has lived and worked in Milan for the last 20 years, designing pieces for many of the big names in the design world. We just adore her 100% wool pieces, which take inspiration from the traditional artform of knitting. With the rug as a starting point, you then build your living space by adding co-ordinating chairs, cushions, poufs and accessories, mixing and matching until your heart is content, and easily rearranging when you feel like a change.

Be sure to check out more from the Mangas Spacerange (pictured here) and also her Rhombus modules.