Designed by Jean Louis Iratzoki for Alki, the Kuskoa Bi is the first chair on the market to be manufactured in bioplastic.

"We decided that Kuskoa Bi had to be a comfortable, enveloping chair and to achieve this we opted for a semi-concave shell. The material that best enables this shape to be created is plastic. However, the production of plastic not only depletes the world’s diminishing fossil resources, it is also a pollutant that harms the environment and is therefore contrary to our fundamental principles on sustainable development. To find a solution to this dilemma, we carried out in-depth investigative research and found a new material: bioplastic."

Made of polymers similar to plastic, bioplastic is made from 100% plant-based renewable resources (think corn starch, sugarcane, beets, etc.). Fully recyclable, it doesn’t leave a heavy footprint on the earth and is even biodegradable.

From their workshop in the village of Itsasu in France, Alki not only furnish contemporary houses, traditional apartments, the MuCEM restaurant in Marseille, and the offices of Quiksilver, but also the head offices of big-name brands such as Hermès and Levis Strauss. This company is definitely one to keep an eye on.