Late 2014 we came across the Hive-Inn City Farmdesigns proposed for New York City – now our latest find in self-contained ecosystem solutions is the Shenzhen Asian Cairn Farmscrapers.

Commissioned by the Chinese city of Shenzhen and designed by French firm Vincent Callebaut Architects, the Farmscrapers are an initiative consisting of six mix-use towers structured like a pile of rocks. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, the buildings will provide space for residents, offices, shops, recreation — and as the name would imply, its own food.

China is often accused of being environmentally irresponsible, but it's a claim that may not stand the test of time. With an eye firmly planted on the future, the city of Shenzehn is actively responding to the demands of its rising population, unchecked urban sprawl, and rising CO2 emissions.